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CowManager monitors your cows fertility, health and nutritional status, with impressive accuracy.

Driving on-farm efficiency

"CowManager makes it easier and gives me more time with family"

Jason Laurences farmer story tells us how CowManagers Cow Monitoring system has integrated into his farming operation and discusses the benefits he, his business, his family and his herd have experienced.

  • Jason Laurence, Waikato
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Cow Monitoring With CowManager Increases Efficiency and Reduces Waste Through Incredibly Accurate

Ear Sensors

CowManagers ear sensor provides accurate information about your herd’s fertility, health, and nutritional status.

It’s easy to install too: there is no need to recharge batteries or adjust collars. The sensor device fits around an “840”, or official animal identification RFID tag; both can be placed in your cow’s ear in a single action.

  • An effective attachment mechanism ensures that the sensor remains firmly in place
  • Culling a cow? Simply remove the sensor and attach it to the tag of another cow

Routers, Solar and Mains Powered

CowManager is a complete plug-and-play system, data is transmitted by the sensors through (solar) routers that can be installed in your pastures, feedlots or barns.

A coordinating device connected to your computer ensures optimal data flow.

  • Extremely accurate data
  • 7 days of internal data storage
  • Optimal data flow offering a clear, comprehensive overview of your herd’s wellbeing

Mobile App & Desktop Application

There is a variety of ways you can access your collected data.

You can have 24/7 access to your data and notification via the mobile application. This allows you to monitor your herd from anywhere in the world.

The computer application gives you even more power and ways to analyse your herd’s data bringing greater insight with even more value-packed functionality.

Driving on-farm efficiency

Cow Monitoring with CowManager saves time, it means you are able to spend more time with your family.

Mike Marshalls farmer story tells us how CowManagers Cow Monitoring system has integrated into his farming operation and discusses the benefits he, his business, and his family have experienced.

  • Mike Marshall, Otago
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CowManager is Modular

All graphs are displayed in a clear, easy to read format which make cow monitoring simple.


The Health Module

The Health Module alerts you to diseases such as mastitis, milk fever, lameness. Allowing great insights through the data graphs you can begin to see patterns in your herd and accurately assess many conditions from this graph. This module also gives you the ability to monitor treatment progression during the recovery stages.

The Fertility Module

The Fertility Module is more than just the most accurate heat detection system on the market, it helps to identify peak heats, silent heats, pregnant cows, abortions and so much more. Combine this with Auto Drafting features and you will have the easiest mating season ever.

The Nutrition Module

The Nutrition Module is a game changer for those looking to optimize herd-performance with insights in eating and rumination time. Its unique Transition Monitor identifies dry cows at risk weeks before calving. The ear temperature measurement combined with the behavior warns you for heat stress in an early stage. Early intervention and optimalization in feed and management prevents losses and results in a healthier and more productive herd.

Data Processing, Tracking and Accuracy

One of the more common questions asked about the CowManager system relates to the accuracy of that information.

It’s a question that is easy to answer and understandable because of its simplicity. Each Sensor carries its own electronic identity.

That identity and the cows are paired in the CowManager system. So when the sensor collects and passes on gathered data it is readily identifiable with the cow to which it is attached.

Any suspicious behavior as measured by movement, a variance in body temperature, or a change in eating and ruminating patterns, all tagged within the system.
This data is then compared against the herd or group average for that particular time of day or any longer period being analysed.
A good example of this feature signify’s the difference in accuracy between CowManager and several other Oestrus detection devices.
When a cow becomes agitated and delivers movement patterns as synonymous with oncoming oestrus, CowManager does not just make an assumption that that animal is in heat.
Instead, it verifies actual oestrus, by comparing the temperature variation against the current average of the herd. Then compares recent movement activity against the patterns most symbolic of oestrus behavior.
As time passes, the system is capable of becoming more accurate, because not only does it measure and maintain this information for the current period, it stores that information against that cow, allowing the system to better learn the pattern of temperature and movement profile of each animal.
It is this process that guarantees the CowManager system provides accuracy in helping farmers identify the absolute best time to inseminate individual animals.

Driving on-farm efficiency

Efficient cow monitoring leads to more precise farming and less wastage.

Adrian Ball has been using CowManager for a short time but is already seeing the benefits of having the CowManager system in.

  • Adrian Ball, Tirau
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