CowManager Ear Sensor

The Future Is In The Ear

CowManager monitors your cows fertility, health, nutritional status and more with impressive accuracy

What Our Customers Have To Say

“I don’t go through a lot of endorsing products for companies as it was something I’ve steered clear of over the years, but I see this as something to make farmers’ lives a lot easier.”

David Fullerton

“The sense of compassion behind what they’re assisting you with, any time, and the work effort is phenomenal. My son and I went to a rugby game, and Jared was there. He remembered who I was, and I was quickly trying to think who he was. There’s only one of him, but that says a lot about the kind of business it is.”

Paul & Keren Leslie

“I do recommend CowManager. I have recommended CowManager to several friends who have installed it. We nearly paid it off completely in the first 12 months because it saved cows’ lives. I don’t see it as an expense, I see it as an asset. We would never go back.”

Lyndon Campbell

Easy Draft Gate. Reliable, Robust & Easy

Designed and refined over many years to be reliable, easy to use, and gentle on animals

Meet The Senztag Team

Jared Bekhuis

National Manager
027 909 0114

Jono Lilburn

Waikato Sales Manager
027 239 3750

Nick van Baar

Easy Dairy Specialist
021 164 1570

Douwe Ykema

Technical Support
027 257 8216

Bede McNamara

Manawatu & Taranaki Sales Manager
027 201 7714

Sophie Cookson

Training Specialist
027 335 9064

Claire Vaughan

Canterbury Sales Manager
027 404 8544

Alicia Keown

Southland Sales Manager
027 220 2622

Charlotte Dabell

Training Specialist
027 225 3633

Jenna Korsten

Training Specialist
027 247 9854

Matthew Ykema

Install and Support
027 225 1228

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