CowManager Farmer Experiences

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James Dallinger

James has been one of our trial farms for the G3 Protrack Automatic Drafting Application. Here is what James has to say about his experiences with the CowManager Auto Drafting feature.

Nick Hoogeveen

Kintore farm can be found in mid-Canterbury just south of Ashburton. Priding themselves on their Powered by People slogan Nick has been here since 2005 and has 15 years’ experience at Kintore Farms. Nick believes in having the right tools for the job and is not shy when it comes to embracing new concepts to increase the efficiency of his dairy operation.

Full Article and Nicks Personal Head to Head Trial Results

Adrian Ball

Adrian Ball has been using CowManager for a short time but is already seeing the benefits of having the CowManager system in.

Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall tells us exactly how well CowManager has integrated into his farming system and how that has benefited him, his business, and his family.

“It saves time, it means you are able to spend more time with your family”

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