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We Love Hearing From Our

Farmers And Are With Them Every

Step Of The Way.

At Senztag we are always in the pursuit of better. We take our position seriously in bringing world-leading technology to assist our world-leading farmers in New Zealand to be even better. What this means or looks like exactly to each of our farmers might be different but we are behind them 100%. Whether it be increasing accuracy, reducing wastage, or improved efficiency we love to hear their successes and share them with you.

Like with all technology things are always moving forward and we also like to keep our ear to the ground on any meaningful changes that will help our farmers further.

ArticleDairy ExporterFarmer Story
March 11, 2022

Reshure Farms CowManager Experience

Judging when a cow is on heat and whether she is at the optimum point for artificial insemination is a lot easier these days with the help of technology relaying…
Yearlings FeedingArticle
January 25, 2021

Nutrition the key to on-farm efficiency at Woodford Holsteins.

Key Points:  System 5 farm (high input) Woodford Holsteins  620+ Avg MS Completed a nutrition course with DPS Ltd MT rate of 6.9% across all of their stock Ethan Foster…
CowManager's Alicia & Mark With LaptopArticle
January 21, 2021

Ears To The Ground

Story and photos by Karen Trebilcock Article from the January issue of Dairy Exporter There’s no tail paint on Mark and Tracey Adams’ dairy farm at Woodside near Dunedin. There…