June 19, 2023 – CowManager is proud to announce its partnership as the national sponsor of the prestigious New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards (NZDIA). The sponsorship agreement solidifies CowManager’s commitment to support New Zealand farmers in working towards a sustainable and successful future for their business.

The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards, with a rich history spanning 34 years, is a renowned program that drives best practices and fosters advancements in the dairy industry. It features over 60 events, engaging a wide range of stakeholders, including dairy farmers, rural professionals, rural businesses, and the wider rural communities, with over 6,000 participants.

CowManager is a revolutionary ear sensor cow monitoring system, active in over 40 countries and committed to give farmers as well as their herds the best life possible. It’s the only cow monitoring system to successfully measure ear temperature combined with behaviour along with measurements of activity, rumination and eating time. Giving farmers actionable insights on the fertility, health, and nutrition of their cows so they can run their business proactively, rather than reactively.

New Zealand holds immense significance as one of the most important markets for CowManager. By teaming up with NZDIA, CowManager aims to strengthen its position within the New Zealand dairy industry while contributing to its long-term growth and prosperity.

“We are proud and excited to work with NZDIA and combine forces to support the dairy industry and dairy farmers,” says Bernd Spelbos, Commercial Director at CowManager. “We are passionate about making farmers lives easier by providing them with the best and most accurate data to improve and maintain the success and well-being of their herd.”

Robin Congdon, General Manager at NZDIA: “We are thrilled to have CowManager on board. They’re one of the biggest and best players in the field of cow monitoring systems here in NZ and are a preferred supplier to a lot of NZ farmers. We welcome them to the NZDIA National Sponsor family and look forward to working with them to bring new innovations and technology to the New Zealand dairy industry.”

By becoming a national sponsor, CowManager will be an integral part of the exciting and vibrant NZDIA awards program. Together, NZDIA and CowManager can give farmers the opportunity to do even better.

Press Contact CowManager
Contact: Thijs Griffioen
Email: thijs.griffioen@cowmanager.com
Phone: 027 323 0164

Press Contact NZDIA
Contact: Anne-Marie Case-Miller
Email: media@nzdia.org
Phone: 021 210 4778

About CowManager
At CowManager, we believe a successful farmer is a prepared farmer. With our revolutionary cow monitoring ear sensors, we ensure they’re always ahead. Prepared for what’s coming, with actionable insights. We believe in working together to help dairy farmers reach their goals, whatever their ambitions are. Whether they have 20 or 20,000 cows; with CowManager you’ll have eyes on all of them. In New Zealand CowManager is distributed and supported by Senztag.

The New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards is a comprehensive program with a 34-year history, aimed at driving best practices and fostering advancements within the dairy industry. It encompasses over 60 events and engages dairy farmers, rural professionals, rural businesses, and the wider rural communities, making it a vital platform for knowledge sharing and industry development.

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