It makes an easier mating season, you simply can’t compete with the packaged system said Toby O’Reilly.

Toby farms on a 120-hectare flat to a rolling dairy near Tirau. Milking 380 cows, Toby explained that they first invested in the monitoring system CowManager.

Toby O'Reilly standing against the Easy Draft Gate

“CowManager can accurately pick the heats and changed how we ran our mating season, however, it still left room for human error when it came to drafting in heat animals out”. Toby found himself stuck in the shed every milking to ensure the correct cows got drafted and mated.

We had accurate information coming from CowManager and I decided we needed to make better use of that asset to further simplify our mating seasons and take the pressure off.

Now with Easy Draft in the shed, anyone from my team can confidently milk knowing the right cows are being drafted out. You simply pull the cows up on heat from CowManager, input them into Easy Draft for a quick draft, and get on with milking knowing the right cows are being drafted.

At the moment, we are drafting twice a day to catch cows at their optimum heat for sexed semen and it’s peace of mind and a relief to have the Easy Draft gate pulling the cows aside for us”.

Easy Draft is an automatic drafting gate built by Easy Dairy in Australia. Renowned for its ease of installation and robust construction, Easy Draft is the #1 used drafting gate in Australia.

Nick van Baar from Senztag Automation explained “The Easy Draft gates come pre-built, there is less vibration due to it’s solid welded structure as opposed to other gates which arrive as a flat pack. This contributes to a far easier installation process and less rattling in operation. Easy Draft clients already rave about how quiet the operation of the gate is compared to some of the competitors in the market.

Farmers have been able to install the Easy Draft within a day, as long as their engineers are lined up well and the shed is prepared properly for installation”.

Easy Draft has a seamless integration with CowManager. Combining CowManager’s incredible accuracy for heat detection and Easy Draft’s accurate drafting, farmers are revolutionising their mating systems and reducing pressure on themselves and their teams in the shed over mating.

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